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Cheb Khaled Defends Moroccan Nationality: ‘Maghreb Borders Have Never Existed for Me’

By Sana Elouazi

Rabat – Algerian Rai legend Cheb Khaled has confirmed his acquisition of Moroccan citizenship on the set of the French television channel France 24, asserting that the concept of borders in the Maghreb is insignificant for him.

Questioned about his Moroccan nationality by the host of the show One Guest, One Path, the Algerian-born singer gave a nervous laugh, before answering and removing ambiguity surrounding his double nationality.

“Yes, I have Moroccan nationality – why I would not have it?” said the Rai king.

Discarding all rumors, Khaled explained that it was a decision made by King Mohammed VI and that he was among the first people to benefit from the new procedures of granting nationality.

“They put my name on the register and then the media quickly disseminated the information,” he added.

However, Cheb Khaled said that he does not have a Moroccan passport for the moment, but he clarified that he always felt Moroccan, with or without the citizenship.

“You know, I’ve always felt Moroccan since I was a kid. The borders between the Maghreb countries, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, have never existed for me,” the Rai singer said.

Khaled‘s statement on the set of France 24 puts an end, once and for all, to the confusion surrounding his Moroccan nationality.

The singer, who obtained the Moroccan citizenship by royal decree in August 2013, has strongly defended his Moroccan nationality on many previous occasions, as the Algerian public has shown its disapproval his acquisition of Moroccan citizenship.

Despite being appreciated by the King and a huge fan base in Morocco, Khaled‘s double nationality has repeatedly put him at the heart of controversies.





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