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Woman Married Two Men in Central Morocco

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Rabat – While Polygamy is a familiar practice in Morocco, polyandry is a term rarely heard of. A 24-year-old woman living in the rural commune of Ben Mansour, in Kenitra, has  legally and happily married two men, until her first husband discovered.

A young woman from Kenitra has put behind her tradition and culture and married two men, reported Al Massae daily. After finding out, the first husband filed a lawsuit against his legitimate wife, accusing her of having another husband.

He revealed that his wife, who is also his cousin, had married a young farm worker from the same region after falsifying a certificate of celibacy and handing it to the authorities.

The first husband also stated that he married his wife in 2011 and that he had two children with her, born in November 2012 and December 2013.

He filled a complaint on 24 October to the Kenitra Court, proving the legality of their marriage. The investigations revealed that two other people were involved in the falsification of the legal documents. Al Massae said that the wife and the two other defendants will be  heard in court.

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