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Polisario Violates UN’s Resolution, Enters Restricted Strip Zone of Guerguerat

Photo credit: Patrick Hertzog/AFP

RabatThe Polisario Front has violated the UN’s 2351 resolution on the regulation of the statues of the Guerguerat buffer strip. The separatist group has accessed the Guerguerat region, where they harassed two participants of the Rally Desert Challenge.

Armed elements of the separatist front accessed Wednesday, January 3  the restricted area of Guerguerat, where they intercepted a race vehicle coming from the town of Dakhla, reported Moroccan news outlet Le360.

Polisario’s provocative move came following a series of military maneuvers conducted by Polisario near Guerguerat, violating the ceasefire agreement signed by Morocco and the separatist group on November 6, 1991.

Le360’s source said that the armed forces of the Polisario have checked the vehicle and verified the identity documents of the Rally Desert Challenge participants before ordering them to continue their journey towards the Mauritanian border.

n the past few weeks, the Polisario has been conducting military maneuvers near Guerguerat, with heavy equipment received from the Algerian army. According to Al Massae daily, Polisario’s armed forces conducted a series of military operations near the Guerguerat strip zone. The last military maneuvers were conducted on December 25 in the presence of Algerian army officials.

The separatist front stated that this “military parade” was a “special forces” exercise of live ammunition.

According to the Moroccan daily, Algerian generals who attended the event supervised the delivery of heavy machinery and equipment to the separatist front, in fulfillment of what they described as “the absolute support provided by Algeria.”

The front has been threatening to re-enter the buffer zone since its withdrawal from the region due to the pressure put against it from the UN Security Council in April 2017.

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