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Polisario Maintains Presence in Guerguerat, Defying MINURSO’s Resolution

Polisario Seeks Attention Through Fictional Maneuvers in Buffer Zones
Photo Credit: Javier Otazu Elcano/EFE

Rabat – For the second time this week, the Polisario violated once again the UN ceasefire agreement in the Guerguerat buffer zone. This Friday, January 5, elements of the separatist group trespassed the restricted area under the eyes of the MINURSO peacekeepers.

Two vehicles belonging to the Polisario’s so-called “civilian police” penetrated on Friday, January 5 the Guerguerat zone. According to Moroccan news website Le360 who reported the news, the mercenaries refuse to leave the premises.

According to Le360, no incident has been reported so far. However, this new intrusion may worsen the already high tensions in Guerguerat, declared a buffer zone under the ceasefire agreement of November 6, 1991.

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This new provocative action follows that of Wednesday, January 3, when armed elements of the separatist front intercepted a race vehicle of two participants of a desert rally challenge coming from Dakhla.

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The separatist front’s actions are all the more worrying as they come three days before the passage of the Rally Monaco-Dakar, Monday, January 8, on the only road linking southern Morocco to northern Mauritania.

According to Le360’s sources, “Morocco did indeed call on the MINURSO to denounce these provocative actions, asking the Mission to put an end to Polisario incursions into Guerguerat.”

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