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After Messahel’s Claims, Algeria’s PM Ouyahia Verbally Attacks Morocco

Algeria’s PM Ouyahia

Rabat – Only few months after Algeria’s Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel accused Morocco of “laundering drug money via its banks in the continent,” the head of the Algerian government went once again into a similar rant against Morocco.

Speaking at the ordinary session of the National Democratic Rally (RND) on Thursday, Algeria’s Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia accused Morocco, without naming it, of “drowning Algeria with hashish and cocaine.”

“It is an attack against the Algerian people and an attempt to poison the Algerian youth as well as Algeria’s development (…) and it is an ingratitude for the future of Maghrebins,” Ouyahia said.

On October 20, Messahel accused Morocco of “laundering drug money in Sub-Saharan Africa,” during a discussion hosted by the Forum of Algerian Business Leaders (FCE).

The Algerian official claimed that Morocco had been “laundering cannabis money” through banks in the continent, adding that Moroccan banks are being used in laundering the revenues from the sale of hashish.

“Everybody knows that,” he said. The head of Algerian diplomacy added that he was told this information by “African heads of state.”

The Algerian top diplomat also accused Morocco’s state-owned airline, Royal Air Maroc (RAM), of “carrying something other than passengers,” referring to cannabis. His slur immediatly backfired, when the Moroccan company announced in early December that it would sue him for “defamation” in the Paris District Court.

Messahel’s claims prompted also a strong backlash from Moroccan authorities and La Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc (CGEM), Morocco’s business union.

After being asked about his National Democratic Party’s stance on Messahel’s allegations, the prime ministers stated that they are “an Algerian political party.”

“If our neighbors are angry, well that’s too bad for them, and all the better for us,” said Ouyahia on October 25, during an interview with a state-owned radio station.

He also added that he is “100 percent behind the government in everything related to Algeria‘s foreign relations.”


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