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Three Moroccan Women Win Yves Rocher’s “Terre des Femmes” Award

Rabat – Three Moroccan women received the Yves Rocher’s “Terre de Femmes” (Women of the Earth) prize for their environmental activism last weekend, during a ceremony held in Marrakech.

This year’s grand prizes was awarded to Zaïna Bouhachmoud for her initiative to promote 100 percent organic aromatic and medicinal plants, Malika Essaten for her project to raise awareness of the importance of the preservation of natural resources and Zineb El Ouafi for her work in the field of recycling of household waste.

“Women are sources and innovators in the new solidarity, and their actions bring new opportunities to invent the future,” Yves Rocher Foundation director, Claude Fromageot said.

The foundation has awarded more than 350 women around the world and 27 women in Morocco for their eco-friendly initiatives and the preservation of the planet’s resources.

Along with the agricultural cooperative Alouss, Agadir, Zaïna Bouhachmoud’s works on the  creation of plant nurseries  using 100% organic methods to grow aromatic  medicinal plants.

The second winner, Malika Essaten, works on a project dubbed “Make the Earth a generous princess in the eyes of our children,” as part of the Kifah Association for the Development of Women and Environmental Education in El Jadida province.

Her work focuses on raising the awareness of  students in the Haouzia region, as well as their mothers, to the importance of preserving natural resources, through a more rational use of water and earth.

With the Oued Zem Association for Development and Communication, Zineb Elouafi has set up a project for the recycling of household waste. The project’s main objective is to collect recyclable household waste, with a view to ensuring better protection of the environment and creating  a source of income and stable jobs enabling beneficiaries to improve their socio-economic situation.

Yves Rocher Foundation’s “Terre de Femmes” program has been present around the world for 15 years in nearly 15 countries.

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