Home Morocco Cold Snap Continues in Morocco Today, Meteorological Directorate Warns Against Violent Winds

Cold Snap Continues in Morocco Today, Meteorological Directorate Warns Against Violent Winds

Girl Falls Off a Rooftop in Nador Because of Violent Winds

Rabat – The National Meteorological Directorate forecasts chilly temperatures today, with rain showers sweeping most of the kingdom.

Clouds will persist with occasional rain showers over the north, the central regions, the reliefs of the Atlas and the neighboring regions, the Mediterranean coast, and north of the Oriental region.

Rainfall will be moderate to strong on the Rif, the northwest, the Saiss and the Atlas, with snow expected the High and Middle Atlas.

Strong to very strong wind will sweep the southwest, the Rif, the Mediterranean, the Oriental region, the plains, the Saiss, and the High and Middle Atlas. Winds will be moderate to fairly strong in the western regions on the south , and weak to moderate in the north and northwest corner of the country.

Minimum temperatures reaching  00 to 05 °C are expected in the reliefs of the Atlas; 05 to 10 °C in the Rif, the Oriental, the Saiss, the southeast slopes, the plains in the west Atlas and the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes; 10 to 15 °C on the Mediterranean, the plains and North and Central coasts, the Souss and east of the southern provinces; and 15 to 19 °C elsewhere in the southern provinces.

Maximum temperatures will vary between  04 to 09 °C on the reliefs; 10 to 15 °C on Lookkos, the Saiss, Chaouia and phosphates and Oulmes; 15 to 20 °C in the Mediterranean region, Oriental, North and Central Atlantic plains and Souss; 20 to 25 °C in the southeast, the southern and northern coasts of the southern provinces, and between 25 and 30 °C elsewhere in the southern provinces.

The windy conditions will affect coastal waters,, with high waves, particularly in the afternoon between Tetouan and Al Hoceima. These waves are expected to pick up strength in the evening, throughout the rest of the Mediterranean.

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