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Moroccan-Belgian Woman Paid by Tariq Ramadan to Keep Quiet

By Zoubida Senoussi

By Zoubida Senoussi

Rabat – “Tariq Ramadan-Gate” isn’t over yet.

An investigation between Mediapart and the Belgium website le Vife have discovered a Belgian-Moroccan woman who cashed in a large sum of money–EUR 27,000, to be exact–in exchange for her silence on the controversial Islamologist Tariq Ramadan.

The woman claims to have been Ramadan’s mistress for five years, ending in 2013. But in a 2014 video, analyzed by Mediapart, she described her relationship with the Islamologist as “destructive,” and referred to Ramadan as “a manipulator.” At the time of the video’s release, she promised to lead a “real fight” against the Islamologist and claimed that he had “trapped” several women.

In 2015, the woman created multiple online publications, questioning Ramadan’s towards women. She also posted many videos explaining her misadventures with the “intellectual” man.

After Ramadan paid her EUR 27,000, the woman pledged not to defame him on the internet anymore, or to denounce his publications. She also agreed to cease sending “insulting and/or threatening messages” to the Islamologist and his relatives.

This case adds to Ramadan’s two recent rape allegations. On January 31, Ramadan was arrested following two accounts of rape filed against him in 2017.

Last month, a French woman of Moroccan origin also filed a rape claim against Ramadan. The 40-year old complainant accused the Islamologist of nine accounts of rape over a span of one year and a half, from February 2013 to June 2014, in Paris, Roissy, Lille, London, and Brussels.

Ramadan fully denies the accusations and deems them to be part of a “campaign of lies launched by adversaries—a sentiment shared by his supporters.