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Morocco’s Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan Prepares for Aeronautics Exams

Morocco Denies Allegations of Private Jet Gift to Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan
Photo Credit: AFP

Rabat– Heir to the Moroccan throne, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan’s education will join the Royal Preparatory High School for Technical Aeronautics (CRPTA) in Marrakech.

Distinct from his father King Mohammed VI who studied law, Moulay El Hassan has chosen to pursue his studies in aviation.The crown prince, celebrated as “wise beyond his years,” is preparing for entrance exams to the Royal Aeronautical School-CRPTA, said Akhbar Al Yaoum in a press release on Wednesday.

As one of Morocco’s most reputed institution in the aeronautics sector, CRPTA should serve as the perfect place for the crown prince to acquire the necessary knowledge of piloting techniques.  

The same source notes that Moulay El Hassan’s choice to enroll in the aeronautics school does not necessarily suggest that he would take aeronautics as a permanent major.

Soon-to-be 15 years old, Moulay El Hassan has shown strong leadership skills in many occasions, such as during his participation in One Planet Summit in France alongside King Mohammed VI, which made him the center of attention among French press that commented on him being the “youngest participant” in the summit.

The Crown Prince’s tact and ability to communicate with world leaders has been applauded by Moroccan and European media alike, such as the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that paid tribute to the prince following his appearance at the One Planet Summit.

El Mundo described the multi-lingual Crown Prince as “gifted and a polyglot,” and hailed the fact that he studies inside the Royal Palace with a selected group of other children who come from diverse backgrounds instead of attending private schools alongside the children of other wealthy families.

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