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Nestlé Apologizes for ‘Sexist’ Marriage Web Ad

Nestlé Apologizes for Sexist Marriage Web Ad

Rabat – Following the bad buzz and accusations of sexism, Nestlé has decided to cancel the #BghitNtezewaj (“I want to get married”) mini web-series.

“Nestlé Morocco takes into account the reactions that may have emerged following the broadcast of the first episode of the web-series and decided to end [its broadcast],” said Nestlé Morocco in a statement released Thursday, April 26.

Nestlé’s new advertising project, released on Tuesday, sparked condemnation across social media platforms for its sexist messaging. The ad features a mother looking for a wife for her son. To find the best match, the mother tests a group of girls on their cooking and house management skills.

Through this clumsy ad, Nestlé intended to be “original” by copying a French show, which is also criticized in France, called “Who wants to marry my son?” With its clichés and stereotypes, Nestlé Morocco has provoked an avalanche of criticism, including the hashtag #ShameOnNestle across various social media platforms.

The Moroccan company apologized, explaining that it will no longer broadcast the show.

“NESTLE Maroc sincerely regrets that the web series ‘Baghi Ntzewej’ could have offended or shocked a certain number of people. This was obviously not its intention.”

Having said that, Nestlé wanted to showcase woman’s “important” role in the company. In a press release, the company stated that it “is particularly vigilant regarding women’s roles in the company, as 52% of [Nestlé] the staff in its head office is occupied by women,” adding that “the Management Committee has 37%.”


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