Home Economy UAE’s Etihad Airways Delivers 1.2 Million Travelers Between Morocco, Abu Dhabi

UAE’s Etihad Airways Delivers 1.2 Million Travelers Between Morocco, Abu Dhabi

UAE’s Etihad Airways Delivers 1.2 Million Travelers Between Morocco, Abu Dhabi

Rabat Etihad Airways of the United Arab Emirates has delivered 1.2 million passengers between Morocco and the UAE since the launch of direct flights the two countries in 2006.

Etihad’s Vice President for Commercial Affairs, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Bloki, underscores the strong ties between Morocco and UAE, including language, common values, and cooperation in the fields of tourism and trade.

In a statement to the UAE-based newspaper, Al-Ittihad, Al-Bloki expressed his gratitude to “the various governmental bodies in the Kingdom of Morocco for their great efforts to increase the level of close cooperation.”

He further said that “We are proud of the great contributions made by the Moroccan talents and the various expertise in developing the work system.”

Morocco’s Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, and Air Transport, Mohammed Sajid, also commended Morocco-UAE relations in different areas, added Al-Ittihad.

Sajid said that the Emirati carrier has accomplished many impressive successes globally, which place it among the best international airlines.

The company’s increase in flights to Morocco corresponds with a growing number of tourists. Said added that this step will reinforce business ties between Morocco and the Emirati airway, opening a door for more business projects to serve the interests of both countries and enhance trade exchange.

The airline launched its first Abu Dhabi-Casablanca flight on June 2, 2006, according to Al-Ittihad.

“The airline provided [originally] four weekly flights between the two cities via the Airbus A330-200 and then increased to five flights per week.”

In March 2013, Etihad Airways increased its flights to Casablanca and launched a new daily round-trip flight between Abu Dhabi and Casablanca. In 2016, the airline announced that it would expand its presence in Morocco by launching two new weekly flights between Abu Dhabi and Rabat to provide a direct link between the two capitals via an A340-500 airplane.

Earlier this month, Etihad Airways also introduced its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to serve its daily flights from Abu Dhabi to Casablanca.

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