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Ministry of Education Sets up Cameras to Deter Cheating in Baccalaureate Exams

Cheating Down 25% in Morocco’s 2018 Baccalaureate Exams in Rabat-Kenitra Region

By Intissar Faouzi

Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Education, Vocational Training, and Scientific Research has implemented the anti-fraud law and installed cameras for baccalaureate candidates’ final exam.

While thousands are studying hard to take the test, there are always those who choose to cheat.

The Ministry of Education will continue its fight against all attempts at cheating with the installation of cameras. Each candidate caught with a smartphone, tablet, or any other tool of communication will also be punished.

A source in the ministry reported that each year before the exam, the ministry sets up scanners and cameras to detect cheating and prevents candidates from doing so.

However, the measure is not implemented in all exam centers in Morocco,  as it is expensive to put cameras in every classroom.

The ministry has not abandoned traditional methods of preventing students from cheating: before each exam, candidates are obliged to sign a commitment confirming that they will respect all exam rules and asserting that they are aware of the consequences of cheating.

The objective of the camera installations is to sensitize students and create an atmosphere of equality between candidates.

The ministry also hopes to impact parents who encourage their children to cheat by buying them the most developed electronic gadgets.

The Ministry of Education warns students every year that any student who is caught cheating could be prevented from taking exams for two years and sentenced to prison for six months to five years.

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