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Ali Hassan Eddehbi
Ali Hassan Eddehbi is a former Journalist. He is Currently MA candidate in European studies.

The Uncertain Odyssey of the PJD

Rabat - Saad Eddine Othmani seems determined to break the political deadlock of the last five months. Even if he is "open to consult with...

Small Mixed Beauty Salons Are Uncomfortable: Fez City Adviser 

Rabat - Controversy has followed the Fez City Council’s ordinance regarding Beauty Salons. In a new ruling these establishments will now have to provide...

Orchestra of the Blind: About Cinema, Blindness and Affection

Rabat - Real filmmakers raise questions, create allegories, paint and dig deeply in human nature. But that doesn’t stop them from entertaining us. All...

Western Sahara: For God’s Sake, Leave These Guys Alone

Warsaw - “I came here to protest for our Sahara…because I’ve heard that Ban Ki-moon decided to give it to the Polisario,” said a...