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Arrest of 100 Sub-Saharan Illegal immigrants in Rabat

By Jamal Saidi

Morocco World News

Casablanca, August 25, 2012

According to the daily Assabah, security services in Rabat arrested 100 Sub-Saharan Africans during an operation that targeted Atakadom neighborhood on Tuesday,

The arrest of the Sub-Saharan immigrants was organized at night following instructions from Bouchaib Ermil, Director- General of National Security. The campaign acted on reports revealing unlawful acts committed by some Sub-Saharan Africans .

Atakadom neighborhood has become one of the largest shelters for thousands of illegal African immigrants. The authorities fear they get out of control, especially since that security archives do not contain any data about their true identities. Many of them are reported to have been involved in acts related to murders, robberies and serious crimes.

The authorities say that some Sub-Saharan expatriates who live in Morocco illegally pose a threat to the security of the country due to their criminal history in their countries, some of which are hotbeds of conflicts and terrorism. They are suspected of belonging to criminal organizations or militias of extremist groups.

The Sub-Saharan immigrants consider Morocco a bridge to reach Europe, but there is great concern over their potential decision to stay in the kingdom. The authorities fear they would use their acquired skills and tactics in committing criminal acts on the national territory, a reason which can justify arrest and deportation campaigns.

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