Video: Top Biker Rides Wave With Motorcycle

DC presents Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream,” giving the world a chance to witness history being made as Maddo rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti. From his helmet to motocross boots, Maddo was dressed for FMX when he took his dirt bike into the unchartered saltwater terrain of the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia. For nearly two years Robbie has been focused on making surf ...

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Video: Undocumented Migrants Scale Fence Between Morocco Spanish Enclave

Spanish and Moroccan police have thwarted a fresh attempt by dozens of African migrants to try to scale border fences and enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla illegally. Some 25 migrants remained atop the fences hours after the attempted crossing began at 9 a.m. (0700 GMT) on Thursday while Spanish police stood guard nearby. Two migrants clung to the top of a lamp post by the fences. Thousands of sub-Sahara ...

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Video: Lost in Morocco’s Wonderful Beauty

Marrakech is one of the most unique places I have ever been to. Walking the streets of Marrakech makes you feel like you are back in time. It’s all a bit chaotic at first and definitely overwhelming, but the more time you spend in Marrakech, the more you realize that everything here has a mystical flow, and you become part of it. ...

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Video: Tunisian Police Assault Moroccan Players

Rabat - Tunisian police assaulted the players of the Moroccan national team following the match that pitted it against Tunisia on Saturday night in Tunis. The incident took place after the Moroccan players vented their frustration at the referee who were too generous with the Tunisians and was instrumental in helping them win the match. Tunisia beat Morocco 2-0 during the second leg of the qualifiers of the ...

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Video Shows Ohio Cop Kills Unarmed Black Man

Video released by Hamilton County authorities shows a University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing shoot and kill an unarmed man he stopped for not having a front license plate. The police officer charged with murdering Samuel DuBose, a black man, during a routine traffic stop earlier this month. ...

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