Moroccan Imam Clarifies Position of Islam on Homosexuality

Hassan Iquioussen, French-Moroccan Imam clarifies the position of Islam on homosexuality in an old video that went viral on social media. In a video posted on YouTube, the Moroccan Imam and founder of the movement of "young Muslims of France," confirmed "homosexuality is clearly condemned by the religious texts.” Iquioussen said that while he has the right to “think and believe that homosexuality is Haram ( ...

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Video: Gay Man Brutally Assaulted by Angry Mob in Fez

Fez - A young gay man was reportedly beaten brutally and humiliated by an angry mob on Monday in the street on Hassan II in Fez. According to Alyoum24, dozens of angry men attacked the gay man and booed him after he got out of a taxi. He was later rescued by the police. The same source said that one of the police officers was forced to draw his gun on the angry people to disperse them. In the video posted o ...

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Netherlands: Man Dies Following Brutal Arrest by Police

A 42-year-old Arubian man has died in a Dutch hospital following a violent arrest by The Hague police, local media reported, citing witnesses saying Mitch Henriquez was brutally beaten by law enforcement officers. An investigation has been launched. The Prosecutor’s Officer (OM) said in a statement that Mitch Henriquez began to feel unwell on the way to the police station, following his arrest at the “Night ...

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