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Morocco NAIMUN 2014: The Voice of Youth (video)

This video is filmed during the North Africa International Model United Nations held in Marrakesh September 26-28, 2014. Attended by at least 50 international delegates, the event was very successful. It was a great opportunity for many students to be familiar with the rule of procedures of the UN, and unforgeable occasion that bring special people from different parts of the world to share their thoughts a ...

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Video: Israeli Soldiers Brutally Detain, Blindfold Palestinian Child

On Sunday, soldiers briefly detained a developmentally disabled Palestinian boy, who is under the age of criminal responsibility, on suspicion that he had thrown stones. The boy, A. a-Rajbi, (full name withheld in interest of privacy) who will be 12 in a month, was detained after Palestinian children threw stones at soldiers on the main road of the Jabel Johar neighborhood in Hebron, close to the settlement ...

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