Casablanca - The dominance of the literalist approach and the rupture with rationalism in the fourth century A.H., which was revalidated several times afterwards, is what caused "the closure of the door of independent reasoning" or Ijtihad (Iqbal 1989) or "the closure of the gate of Ijtihad" Canbulat (2001). Arkoun (1987 and 1990) argues that the petrifaction of Islamic thought began in the fifth century and asserts that the classical period that extended from the prophet's death up to the fifth century A.H. was characterized by intellectual activeness and that the subsequent periods were marked by mere imitation. The relegation of rationalism in the Muslim tradition was based upon a particular paradigm imposed by the traditionalist view which Salafism strongly adheres to. This traditionalist paradigm has epistemological characteristics as well as methodological specificities that are worth studying.

Ezzoubeir Jabrane is a master's student at Ain chok Faculty of Letters and Humanities.