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All about the “Ferrari Kid” of Rabat

Drunk Driver Stirs Trouble with His Ferrari in Rabat, DGSN Investigates

Rabat – The youngster who appears in the video drinking alcohol, roistering in the street, and being disrespectful to the police has been identified as Hamza Darham, son of the late billionaire, Mohammed Darham.

A video of a young drunk reveler went viral among Moroccan social media users on Tuesday the 18th, sparking outrage over his disrespectful conduct that continued even in the presence of the police.

Driving under the influence of alcohol, the youngster appears in the video taking selfies near his smashed Ferrari after crashing into three cars, while singing and making fun of police officers and other officials.

Soon after the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN)) took up the case, the identity of the driver was revealed. The offender is Hamza Darham, son of the late Moroccan billionaire Mohammed Darham, and nephew of the famous businessman and politician, Hassan Darham.

Hamza Darham is pursuing his studies in France and he is currently in Morocco for vacation. According to a communiqué issued by DGSN, investigations began on Tuesday and the police officer shown in the video being disrespected has been suspended due to “misconduct.”

Mohammed Darham was the chairman of Atlas Hydrocarbons, which owns Atlas Sahara gas stations. The oil company has been benefiting from tax exemptions in the southern regions of Morocco and is currently run by Hassan Darham.

Hassan Darham is a politician and businessman. He was a member of the parliament for the Socialist Union for Popular Forces (USFP) representing the Laayoune constituency from 2007 to 2012. The Darham family operates in numerous sectors and industries, such as exports and imports, oil, fisheries, international transit and education.

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