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Moroccan Pastry Chef Bakes Largest Panettone Pie in Milan’s History

By Sana Elouazi

Rabat – This evening, the city of Milan will witness the largest panettone pie in the world, prepared by a young Moroccan pastry chef, Said Lâouaouda, who could enter the Guinness World Records thanks to the gigantic 140-kilogram pie.

Panettone pie is a typical Christmas-time cake all around Italy, but it originates in the northern Italian town of Milan. It traditionally contains raisins and candied fruit such as orange and citron zest and is topped with crisp pearl sugar.

The “largest panettone in the world” was prepared under the guidance of Lâouaouda, a Moroccan laureate of a pastry school, Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil in Paris, and chef at San Gregorio pastry shop, one of the most famous pastry factories in Milan.

To make this happen, it took four days of work and the dedication of four people.  The pie required 69 kilograms of flour, 27 kilograms of butter, 18 kilograms of sugar, 15 kilograms of egg yolks, 18 kilograms of raisins and 11 kilograms of candied orange

The panettone pie weighs 140 kilos, and is 2 meters high and 1 meter and a half wide, that is to say more than 1200 slices prepared with the ingredients, according to the typical and certified recipe of the Milanese artisanal tradition.

This is an initiative sponsored by the town hall of Milan city and organized by the Association of Italian traders in Milan, in collaboration with Fiera Milano Spa, the trade fair and exhibition organiser.

It is also a joint initiative, given that all the revenues will be donated for charitable purposes.

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