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Here are the Gifts Offered by King Mohammed VI to Obama’s Family

Rabat – The United States Department’s Protocol Office has just unveiled a list of gifts given to Obama’s family and administration officials by foreign governments while President Barack Obama was in office. The documents revealed that in 2016, King Mohammed VI gave the Obama family gifts estimated to be worth USD 101,200, almost MAD 900,000.

According to Fox News, this is the most expensive gift package a foreign head of state offered to the Obama family in 2016.

Among the gifts the Moroccan monarch gave to the Obama family, “an ornate gold-plated brooch adorned with diamonds and rubies, a gold clutch with an emerald and diamond clasp, diamond earrings and gold teardrop earrings with diamonds and emeralds.”

According to the federal documents, these gifts were turned over to the National Archives.

The gifts also include more than USD 2,000 worth of cigars, rum and other famous consumer products from the Cuban government, which were handed over to the National Archives.

In 2011, King Mohammed VI offered to Obama a black-and-white photo of a child on the eve of the 11th Anniversary ceremony of the September 11th terrorist attacks. The photo was reported to be worth USD 650.

Among the other gifts King Mohammed VI offered to Barack Obama since he took office in 2009, a collection of nine books on Moroccan history and culture worth USD 624.

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