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Moroccan Army Ready to Repel Provocative Actions, Warns Polisario Against Escalation in Guerguerat

Moroccan Army Threatens to Repel Polisario’s ’Provocations’ in Buffer Zone

Rabat – The Moroccan army is sounding alarm bells over the Polisario’s repeated provocative actions in the buffer zone of Guerguerat. The Moroccan armed forces have once again sent heavy military equipment to deter and, if needed, repel any illegal military actions Polisario may undertake in the region.

According to Moroccan newspaper El Massae, the Moroccan army has built an unprecedented security wall along its border with Mauritania. According to El Massae’s source, the royal army has mobilized heavy military equipment in preparation for a large-scale armed operation along the border with Mauritania.

Abdel Fattah Al-Warrak, Inspector-General of Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces, gave instructions to raise the state alarm to the fullest extent to respond to any ceasefire violations carried out by Polisario in Guerguerat.

Morocco’s reaction to Polisario’s movement was very strong. The military equipment sent recently will reinforce the troops deployed on January 9 in the buffer zone.

The Inspector General of the armed forces also ordered the military air bases to raise the state alert to the maximum level. The instructions include the southern air force bases.

Moroccan fighter jets are flying over the buffer zone, ready to respond to any provocation.

The separatist movement has been setting up illegal checkpoints in the border area between Morocco and Mauritania in recent weeks.

The Polisario Front has also deployed its militia and tried to hinder traffic in the buffer zone, defying the UN Security Council and violating the United Nations’ 1991 ceasefire agreement.

To avoid further escalation, Morocco called on both the UN and MINURSO to intervene and stop Polisario’s illegal maneuvers in the region.

Morocco’s calls were reiterated on January 12 during a talk held between Morocco’s Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit and Head of MINURSO Colin Stewart.

During the meeting, Laftit reasserted Morocco’s commitment to supporting MINURSO and UNSG Envoy Kohler Horst in fulfilling their mandate, emphasizing that Polisario’s activities could undermine peace, stability, and security in Guerguerat and hinder the negotiation process to reach a mutually acceptable solution to end the four-decade-long conflict over the Western Sahara.

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