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King Mohammed VI Congratulates Nabila Mounib on Reelection as PSU Secretary General

King Mohammed VI to Return to Morocco Today

RabatKing Mohammed VI sent a congratulatory message to Nabila Mounib on Tuesday, February 6 after the National Council of the United Socialist Party (PSU) elected her to a second term as Secretary-General of the party last Saturday.

The sovereign congratulated Mounib for retaining the trust of PSU National Council, saying that her election “reflects the members’ recognition of her commitment in defending the party’s principles.”

“We are certain that you will spare no effort to continue fulfilling your missions at the head of the party, and strengthen its position within a pluralistic political landscape, in order to make a constructive contribution, alongside other serious political bodies, to consolidate the national democratic model of development and consecrate the values of the noble practice of politics, based on the principle of placing the supreme interest of the Nation and the citizens above all consideration,” the King added.

Mounib’s election came nearly two weeks after the fourth National Congress of the PSU, during which Mounib presented her platform called “New Horizon.” Her campaign garnered 614 votes out of 900, in addition to 141 abstentions.

The PSU has also selected its new Political Bureau, which includes, among other members, MP Omar Balafrej, while Mohamed Sassi, Mohamed Moujahid, and Najib Akesbi have all been ousted from the bureau.

Mounib, better known among her followers as “Tata Nabila,” has been at the head of the PSU since 2012. She is also a professor of endocrinology at the University of Hassan II in Casablanca and became the first Moroccan woman to lead a political party.

Born in Casablanca, Mounib’s credentials, leadership style, and charisma made her a front-runner and a leading voice of reform during the parliamentary election campaign in 2016.

She was able to shift the current political discourse and gain wide popularity among both the educated electorate and college students in major cities, many of whom supported her over the PJD and PAM.

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