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11th Annual National Book Fair Kicks Off in Casablanca

Rabat – The 11th Annual National Book Fair opened in Casablanca on Saturday, with some 120 participants. The event houses more than 600,000 second-hand books and will run through April 30.

The book fair’s director, Youssef Bourra, said that this year’s event features books from diverse genres including sciences, history, culture, philosophy and art.

The available books will be in several languages: French, Arabic, Amazigh, Spanish, English, German and Hebrew, according to a statement from Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).

The symposium is organized by the Association of Casablanca Booksellers in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. The event gathers together 70 second-hand booksellers from Casablanca, while another 50 sellers arrive from across the country including Fez, Marrakech, El Jadida, Settat, Ouda, Beni Mellal, Rabat and Khouribga.

According to the fair’s director, books will be offered at affordable prices, starting from just MAD 2. Bourra said that this year’s program will include “several surprises” regarding the collections presented and the planned seminars.

The director added that the seminars will be organized by academic subjects, individual writers and researchers covering various themes, including the history of the book and the role of publishing.

In recent years, Morocco has hosted several national and international book fairs. In February, Casablanca hosted the 24th annual edition of the Casablanca International Book Fair (SIEL). More than 300 writers, poets and researchers from different backgrounds.

Egypt was the guest of honor of the 2018 International Book Fair which included thematic conferences titled “cinema and literature”, “literature and photography,” and “literature and television series.”

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