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Polisario Violates Ceasefire Agreement Despite UN Warnings

Polisario Violates Ceasefire Agreement Despite UN Warnings

Rabat – Despite repeated alerts from both the United Nations and Morocco, the Polisario Front organized military parades in Tifariti, east Morocco’s defense wall, to celebrate the “45th anniversary of its armed struggle.”

The leader of the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) delivered a speech to praise the separatists’ “achievement” since May 20, 1973.

The celebration in Tifariti came only a few weeks after the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 2414 on April 27.

In the recent resolution, the Security Council expressed serious concerns over Polisario’s intention to relocate their facilities east Morocco’s defense wall. The resolution also urged the front to withdraw its forces from Guerguerat.

The Polisario Front, however, defied the recent resolution and has continued violating the 1991 ceasefire agreement and other previous UN resolutions without consideration for the recent condemnation of both Morocco and the United Nations.

On Saturday, Morocco condemned the Polisario Front intention to commemorate the “45th anniversary of its armed struggle” in Tifariti and informed the UN and its bodies to take the necessary measures to respond to the front’s actions.

In response, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reiterated that any action undertaken in the region “may constitute a change to the status quo.” He added that the actions will also hinder the political process to find a consensual and mutually acceptable solution to the four-decades-long conflict.

Media affiliated to the separatist group reported that the military parade was marked by the presence of foreign delegations led by “ambassadors of friendly states and brothers.” The sources, however, did not provide any details about the delegations that attended the parade.

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