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Tourism in Al Hoceima Hits a New High Of 23% Growth In March

Tourism in Al Hoceima Hits a New High Of 23% Growth In March
Alhoceima, Manarat al-Moutawassit

Rabat Al Hoceima has received thousands of tourists, with 23 percent more tourists visiting this winter, between January and March 2018, than visited last winter, the Regional Tourism Commission has reported.

According to the report, 5,564 tourists visited rated tourist establishments during the three month period, an increase from 4,539 in the same period last year.

The steadily rising number of international tourists reached 1,005 in January to March, a 39 percent growth, while the number of domestic tourists reached 4,559, a 19 percent increase, according to the same source.

The report showed that tourists spend an average of two nights by the end of March. Rated tourist establishments recorded 10,839 overnights by the end of March compared to 7,219 overnights last year, an occupancy rate increase from 7 to 11 percent.

Spain tops the list of international tourists with 271 visitors, followed by the French (215 tourists), the Dutch (98 tourists), the Germans (91 tourists), the Belgians, the Americans, and the British.

The report also pointed out that four-star hotels are the top choice of tourists during this period, receiving 2,463 tourists, followed by 3-star hotels (1,189 tourists), two-star hotels (817 tourists), one-star hotels (589 tourists) and finally touristic residences (463 tourists).

In March, the number of tourists who visited Al-Hoceima (1,963) increased by 25 percent, spending 4,413 nights in hotels, compared to the arrival of 1,571 tourists in the same period last year, increasing the occupancy rate to 12 percent.

Al Hoceima depends on tourists, especially in the summer, as they create job opportunities and contribute to its local economic growth.

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