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Infantino Prefers Joint Bids for the World Cup

Infantino Prefers Joint Bids for the World Cup

Rabat – President of the international football federations (FIFA) Gianni Infantino said that joint bids for World Cup are his favorite.

“I believe in joint bids because the World Cup is an enormous event,” said Infantino as he was commenting on the countries that showed interest in submitting joint bids to host the World Cup in 2030.

After its loss to United 2026 on June 13, Morocco expressed its intention to bid for 2030 World Cup.

Algeria and Tunisia have both expressed their willingness to study the possibility of bidding with Morocco to host a Maghreb World Cup in 2030.

In a press conference held in Moscow today, Infantino expressed satisfaction with the 21st FIFA World Cup in Russia and the use of video assistant referee (VAR).

Infantino described Russia 2018 as the “best World up” ever. He also stressed that the tournament has “changed” the host country for the better.

Amid controversy over the use of VAR during the ongoing World Cup games, Infantino said that VAR  is “cleaning football.”

FIFA has been the target of an international backlash targeting referees and the VAR.

Morocco was among the countries that were deprived of the use of the VAR during its participation in the 2018 World Cup.

Moroccans fans, international commentators and footballers blamed the non-use of the VAR for Morocco’s elimination.

Morocco’s Royal Football Federation (FRMF) also condemned the mistakes committed by referees in Morocco’s World Cup games against Spain and Portugal.

However, FIFA said that the referees’ decisions without the VAR were 95 percent correct in 335 analyzed incidents and were 99.3 percent correct with the use of var.

According to FIFA’s numbers, VAR examined 335 incidents, including all goals, an average of 6.9 incidents examined per match.

The World Cup has reached its final phase with the two finalists, Croatia and France,  preparing to play the final game on July 15.

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