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Benatia Wants to Renew His Contract with Juventus

Benatia Wants to Renew His Contract with Juventus

Rabat – Moroccan football player Mehdi Benatia has allegedly asked for a contract renewal with the Old Lady.

Italian football outlet Calciomercato reported on September 8 that the footballer has not made any appearances this season with his Italian football club.

According to Calciomercato, the footballer’s contract will expire on June 30, 2020. The footballer has requested a contract renewal with this Italian team.

Benatia was also missing from the list of players chosen by Herve Renard for Morocco’s CAN 2019 qualifier against Malawi.

Benatia’s absence opened doors for speculations.

When Renard’s list was released, Moroccan fans were surprised to see Benatia’s name absent from the list.

Local news outlets reported that Benatia suffered an injury and Juventus sent the national team a medical file on the player. Benatia, however, denied the story on his personal social media networks.

“I want to deny the information published in some media of the Moroccan press that a certificate was sent from my club. This is false, no certificate was sent simply because I am not injured,” said the footballer.

“I’m fine alhamdulillah [praise God]. When a player is injured, he must come to have his injury validated by the national team doctor, but that is not my case. So, stop lying, stop inventing things because I am fed up,” he added.

From 2017-2018, Benatia spent all season long on the bench, although he was chosen to play in the 2018 World Cup for Morocco.

Explaining his absence from the pitch with the national team for the CAN qualifier, the footballer said that he wants to focus on his career with Juventus.

It remains to be seen whether Benatia will take part in Morocco’s next CAN 2019 qualifier game.

The Atlas Lions played an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier on Saturday, September 8, in Casablanca. The Moroccan team secured a win over Malawi: 3-0.

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