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Saad Lamjarred’s Fans Launch Petition to ‘Save Saad’s Future’

Moroccan Actress Asks People to Support Lamjarred or Stay Silent

Rabat – Saad Lamjarred is getting support from his loyal fans in the midst of charges over two rape allegations.

Following his return to jail on September 18, the Moroccan singer’s fans launched an online petition asking his former lawyer, Eric Dupond Moretti, to come back and “save Saad’s future.”

“Saad Lamjarred, the Moroccan popstar, needs the help of Maitre Dupond Moretti, to get out of the claws of the trap in which he fell, on behalf of all the fans, we ask you to sign this petition which will be addressed to this illustrious lawyer. Our heartfelt thanks,” wrote the initiator of the petition.

Launched a week ago, the petition has been signed by more than a thousand of Lamjarred’s fans.

Dupond Moretti had announced his withdrawal from Lamjarred’s first rape case in France after the Moroccan singer was accused of a second rape.

French authorities arrested the 33-year-old singer in Saint Tropez in southeastern France on Sunday, August 26, after police received a new rape complaint from another woman.

The pop star was then released under judicial supervision, but prohibited from leaving France or contacting the complainant. In addition, the singer was required to pay bail of €150,000.

Eric Dupond Moretti told Moroccan news outlet Le 360 that he is no longer a member of the Moroccan singer’s defense team. However, he refused to explain why he dropped the case.

King Mohammed VI had appointed the lawyer to defend Lamjarred when he was arrested in France in the first case for violence and rape in October 2016.

According to a source close to the singer, who spoke with Al Yaoum 24, the lawyer decided to stop defending Lamjarred because he did not the lawyer’s advice. Dupond Moretti had advised Lamjarred to be as discreet as possible, but the singer appeared on social media, taking pictures with fans, and released new music.

The Moroccan singer is still awaiting trial following the accusations of Laura Prioul from 2016.  

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