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Zineb Raji
Zineb Raji was born in Azrou, Morocco and obtained her bachelor degree in International Studies with a minor in Communication Studies from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. After one year of administrative work at Al Akhawayn University, Zineb joined a Corporate Social Responsibility rating agency as an analyst.

What Would the Wish List of a Traffic Light Begging Boy...

What Would the Wish List of a Traffic Light Begging Boy Look Like?
Rabat - How intensely he asked for money at the traffic lights attracted my attention and compassion. He wasn't wearing any heavy clothes, but he...

Is There a Link Between Traffic Accidents and Corruption?

Rabat - Sadly, it is coming commonplace that we are setting new records for traffic accidents, resulting in fatalities and casualties. Each time I...

Why are we Addicted to unhappiness?

Rabat - With a peculiar mixed sensation of confusion, uncertainty, and fear, I embraced my 31st birthday. It was quite different this time as...

Why Students Need More Open Sex Education

Sex Education. © Noel Celis / AFP
Rabat - Rolling my eyes over, with a tight lip smile that’s how I tried to escape the looks of my classmates who looked...

Hypocrisy is Eroding Our Moroccan Values 

Rabat - Hypocrisy is eroding our modest morals and debasing most of our honest Moroccan foundations. It becomes very difficult to tell the truth about...