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Mystery In Morocco: A Journey to Splendor and Mysticism

Curtis Reynolds

Morocco World News

New York, April 30, 2012

Many years ago I was stationed in Morocco on a military tour for the United States Marine Corps. I was immediately taken with the sights, sounds, smells and wonder of Morocco. As time permitted I would find myself winding through the streets, soaking in the local flavor and while doing so one day, I crossed paths with a man called Gruba. I believe this meeting was “Kismet” as they say, or meant to be, for – to me – upon that meeting was when my Moroccan journey truly began.

“Mystery In Morocco” was not written to offset the paramount relationship between the United States and Morocco. It is fiction / nonfiction – a novel representing a fictitious yet imaginative narrative. There are stories within stories – espionage, assassination, spirituality and romance similar to that of a James Bond film where I am protagonist.

For me, my time in Morocco created a gravitational pull filling my thoughts and mind – so much so, that I dedicated a good part of my life consumed with this novel. Gruba was not only a guide, he became my friend…took me under his wing and allowed me to see Morocco in a manner I will never forget. Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Fez and Meknes – I can go on and on. To this day, I thank Gruba for this incomparable experience and know in time, we will meet again.

I can recall on my second day in Morocco venturing to town when an unknown Moroccan looked upon me and gave me the name “Abdullah.” That name stuck with me, and with that in mind I found myself communicating with people without speaking. I call it “shining” intellectual brilliance. From then on throughout my travels, Abdullah is there. Not sticking to the more popular spots since tourists tend to explore the beautiful beaches, my memories center on Al Hoceima, a spectacular beach resort and Saidia by the shore. Also worthy of mention are Marrakesh, Tetouan, Chefchaouen and Agadir a wonderful bay of sand, great for swimming and other water sports.

The ancient town of Asilah is a must visit as well as Larache, influenced by its Spanish past, EL Jadida, Essauira, formerly Mogador. But, above all, I encourage anyone visiting the country to enjoy themselves. Morocco is a territory rich with intoxicating flavors and sensations – the sweet, sharp spices of brightly colored dishes, the fragrances of amber and jasmine, sweet hints of honey and orange flower, the perfume of roses and eucalyptus and the promise of incense. In this heady atmosphere of Morocco, you can share an exotic feast and sip mint tea with a people known for their grace and hospitality.

Visit Morocco and experience its splendor and mysticism.

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Curtis Reynolds is an author. United States Marine Corps veteran and corporate executive for organizations including Fortune 500 companies. After an internship with the New York State Supreme Court, he became passionate about issues of Justice and went on to found The EL HAJJ MAILK SHABAZZ (MALCOLM X) Study Center at Medgar Evers College. Mr. Reynolds is a past President of the Parent Teachers Association for the New York City Public School System. His book “Mystery In Morocco” can be purchased on – line or for Kindle through Amazon.com.

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