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The Kiss of Nador and the Hypocrisy of Moroccan Society

TAROUDANT- The controversial issue of the teenagers from Nador arrested over posting a photo on Facebook of them kissing unveils the social hypocrisy of the Moroccan society. This scandal, over which the Moroccan society is divided into two opposing groups, reveals once again the gaffs of the authorities and the naivety of society.

Certainly a kiss is the most romantic and intimate way to show someone how much you care about them; yet, sharing kisses in public is not always comfortable for the couple and are unwelcomed in Moroccan culture. However, in some major cities in the kingdom, the public displays of affection shared on the streets, at the beach, and in well-known cafes give the impression that the Moroccan society is no longer the kind of conservative society which regards a kiss in open spaces an immoral behavior.

The scandalous videos posted on YouTube about Moroccan girls in extremely sexually explicit scenes are more shameful and should be the center of attention by the authorities and associations which claim to stand for the national pride and honor. You simply type the word MAROC or Bnat on YouTube and you will stay enthralled by hundreds of homemade provocative videos bearing different titles and cheap content that breaches the reputation of our country. These are the videos that should spark public outrage and call on the urgent action from the authorities. I wonder why such associations that claim to defend the human rights have never filed lawsuits against the owners of such YouTube channels for violating public decency.

I invite the readers to have the presence of mind before deciding who really impose a threat to  public decency. Is it a photo taken by an adolescent to his peers while driven by passion which, according to new scientific studies, has a moving force on teenagers’ behaviors? Or videos of mature adults engaging in explicit activities in total consciousness of being filmed?

I no longer understand how the public opinion has remained silent regarding such immoral videos while phrasing eloquent expressions denouncing the kiss exchanged by two minors. Does a kiss really impose a threat to the national order and social harmony to the extent of arresting the kids involved? It is up to you to decide.

But, let me cast your mind back to the famous kiss of the Moroccan writer Moulim El Aroussi who posted on January a photo with his wife lip locked on Facebook. The act, as the writer explained on his Facebook page, was a reaction to the uproar caused by the complain of the Justice and Development Party members on a Egyptian plane over a kiss shown at the beginning of the movie Spiderman. It is true that the couple were subject to criticism, but no association or organization dared to take them to the court for violating public decency or inciting immorality. One may also argue that the couple is married. Well, does the Moroccan marriage contract gives the right to couples united under marriage to explicitly manifest their love and exchange kisses in public? Maybe, but to my knowledge, no lawsuit was filed against Moroccan writer and his wife.

I am not defending the right of kids to kiss one another freely in public, but I strongly believe that the punitive approach has never yield any fruitful results and should not be a method in the education of teenagers. Those kids involved in acts against socially accepted morals need the care and support of an educator to show them the wrong side of what they did. After their photo went viral, I guess the kids will develop a psychological complex towards kissing that won’t be easily forgotten.

But, it seems that the kids are going to become heroes who will liberate those stolen kisses in hidden places to be common practice after the many people they inspire—who are campaigning now for kiss-ins.

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