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At least 800,000 People Use Drugs in Morocco: Report

Rabat – Average drug use in Morocco, excluding tobacco, is estimated at between four and five percent of the adult population, which is a minimum of 800,000 users, says the annual report of the National Observatory of Drugs and Addictions.

Over ninety-five percent of drug users are cannabis smokers (some 750,000 individuals) while between 50,000 and 70,000 Moroccans are heavy alcohol drinkers.

The study recommends community rehabilitation programs and strict implementation of the smoking ban in public places.

The report, which also finds that one out of five high school students has already smoked tobacco and one out of ten has used cannabis, recommends a nationwide adapted and diversified prevention program, laws to ban the selling of tobacco and drugs near schools, and counseling and psychological support units in schools and universities.

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