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Ministry of Agriculture Predicts Exceptional Crop Growth in 2017

Ministry of Agriculture Predicts Exceptional Crop Growth in 2017

By Amira El Masaiti

Rabat – As a result of this year’s prolific rainfall, the Ministry of Agriculture has predicted that the agricultural season in Morocco will be exceptional and should exceed the targets defined earlier by the Ministry.

The figures indicate that rain will exceed of 185% with a cumulative 258 mm and could therefore lead to a significant overrun of the initial projections set by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The predictions, which herald high crop growth, come after years of droughts in the country.

Several regions throughout the kingdom will profit from the increased rainfall. Areas favorable to cereal crops, like the Tadla Azilal region and the Casablanca-Settat region, which accounts for 25% of the area planted, and the Tadla Azilal region, are experiencing significant uplift in crops harvest.

Rainfall will also benefit other sectors, including field gardening, industrial crops and fruit growing, and a notable growth of pastures, which should provide enough nutrition for livestock.

For the time being, fruit growth is considered to be good in all regions of production. Beginning with citrus fruit growing, which is expected to achieve a record production of 2.36 million tonnes this year, announced the Ministry of Agriculture.

For cereal grains, the target of 70 million quintals defined by the Ministry of Agriculture could even be exceeded.

Planting in cultivated areas in Morocco was limited to 4 million hectares this year instead of the usual 5 to 5.5 million, but are expected to benefit from higher yields than usual.

“There is no doubt that the crop year this year will be good. It could even be a record, especially thanks to the rainfall that continually honors us,” said agrimaroc.ma.

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