Home International News Canadian Journalist Calls for Crusade to “Get Bethlehem Back” From Muslims

Canadian Journalist Calls for Crusade to “Get Bethlehem Back” From Muslims

Canadian Journalist Calls for Crusade to “Get Bethlehem Back” From Muslims

Casablanca – Canadian Journalist, Faith Goldy, has created controversy after calling for a “crusade” to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, to take it back from the Muslims.

In a series of videos that have sparked outrage on social media, Faith Goldy, a self-proclaimed “fearless and devout Catholic” urges Christians to “launch the next crusade,” in order to “get Bethlehem back.”

It is worth noting that Muslims and Christians have co-existed for centuries in the city of Bethlehem, which is located in the part of the West Bank under the Palestinian authority rule. Goldy is an ardent supporter of Israel who works for a conservative news website called Rebel Media. In one of her videos she is heard saying “the town in which Jesus was born is now controlled by the Palestinian authority. Islam is their official religion.”

In one 21-second video, shot during the Islamic call for prayer, she seems unhappy that the Muslim call for prayer is made “over the Church of the Nativity,” which has been under Islamic rule for centuries and remained intact.

In a show of solidarity hailed by the international community, Christians in the West Bank called on their Muslim counter-parts few months ago, to have the call to Islamic prayer made from their churches after Israeli authorities decided to abolish calls to prayers. The occupation authorities’ decision came in reaction to the complaints by some Israeli settlers who regarded the call to prayer as “pollution.”

In another of her videos, also widely denounced, Faith Goldy calls for another crusade to Bethlehem.

“The only way we can get Bethlehem back is if we launch another crusade, and I think we should start with Bethlehem,” she says, adding that

Christians have to “go back,” set up a Christian community and “discriminate based on religion.”

The bigoted remarks have prompted people across the world to rain condemnation on Faith Goldy’s Twitter account. Some reminded her that Christians and Muslims have united against the Israeli occupation and daily apartheid. One commenter reacted by saying:

“Christians left the city because of occupation, checkpoints and the wall yet she wants us to believe that Muslims praying is the reason?”

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