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Job-Hunting Opportunities in Germany Made Easy for Moroccans

Moroccan migrants in Germany

Rabat – Morocco and Germany have opened seven German information centers in partnership with the National Agency for the Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC) to “respond to the required information on the labor market and the possibilities for Moroccans to find jobs in Germany,” said the German ambassador to Morocco, Goetz Schmidt Bremme, on Thursday.

Found in several regions in Morocco, the spaces are aimed to provide continuous information on training and work opportunities in Germany while giving personalized advice on the preconditions for legal migration to Germany, which represents one of the more popular destinations for Moroccans.

The office will also enable Moroccans returning to Germany to be informed about the Moroccan labor market and bilateral cooperation projects, he explained.

“The changing needs of the labor markets in Germany require new skills. The establishment of the first information spacein Morocco reflects the will of Germany to orient young people towards the profiles sought by the German market,” explained Kea Decker, the Director of the Federal Employment Agency for Specialized Work Abroad (ZAV).

She continued to say that coordination between all the partners in the fields of migration and employment is important, especially for providing information for the benefit of job seekers who meet the needs of the German market.

ANAPEC Director-General Anas Doukkali stated that, with the launch of the center, ANAPEC has been able to take an important step in its development plan, which aims to consolidate its position in the labor market.

With proven experience and international recognition in markets such as Spain and France, the international placement system has been enriched by close cooperation with Germany, he said.

Mohamed Botata, Secretary General of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Integration, said that he will contribute to the strengthening of national capacities in the field of institutional mediation, emphasizing the efforts made by the government in boosting the national employment strategy to meet the expectations of young people.

Schmidt Bremme also indicated that Moroccan-German cooperation has been a “strategic” choice that has shaped bilateral relations for more than half a century.

In late January 2017, Germany announced that it had placed Morocco on the list of “safe” countries from which it would send back illegal migrants.

The country announced that they would jointly contribute to the construction of reception centers in Morocco to accommodate these young migrants, in order to enable them to remain in their home country.These homes, which were to offer medical care, would have also accommodated homeless minors in Morocco so that they would not be tempted to migrate back to Germany.

Six months later, the plans fell apart. According to Swedish public television SVT, Germany said it would withdraw from the project.

“The interest of Germany is no longer withstanding,” said Swedish Justice Minister Morgane Johansson.“It is no longer possible to see this project through.”

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