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Moroccan Blue City of Chefchaouen Turns Green

The city of Chefchaouen, photo by Jack Stana/MWN

Rabat – The Northern City of Chefchaouen, globally known as a blue city, is moving forward to becoming a green city.

More than seven years since after the city’s municipal council declared it an ecological city, Chefchaouen continues to take initiatives that aims to respect the environment and become an ecological and sustainable city.

“In April 2010, the municipal council took a unanimous decision aimed at transforming Chaouen into an ecologically sustainable town,” Mohamed Sefiani, mayor of the town, was quoted by AFP as saying.

While he noted that “the city is not an ecological city yet,” he emphasized that the “local political commitment to the project is strong.”

“We are in a transition phase. At a Moroccan and African level, we’re among the most advanced towns in this respect,” he added.

With its environmental policy, Chefchaouen, locally known as Chaouen, has taken measures to well manage its natural resources and the environment, including the creation of green spaces and launching campaigns to raise awareness about the environment and sustainable development.

The environmental projects launched in the city include electric bicycles that crisscross the narrowed streets of the blue city and are used by municipal officials in their inspection missions, as well as “info-energy” center.

To instill green practices in the community, Aziz, a local council employee in his forties, does his job of inspecting building sites around the town on an electric bicycle, wearing a fluorescent safety vest and a helmet.

“It’s a practical and eco-friendly way of getting around!” he says.

“It respects the environment and allows us to get around easily without using polluting modes of transport,” Aziz added.

“The center raises awareness about energy savings, photovoltaic panels at several sites, such as the municipal library, that contribute to electricity production, and an environmentally oriented museum is also nearly complete,” AFP said.

Chefchaouen is a beautiful blue painted city nestled in the Moroccan Rif range to the east of Tangier.

With its never-ending charm, and its Arabic, Berber, Jewish and Moorish heritage, the city is not only a beautiful destination for tourists but also a preferred location for the glamorous world of fashion and music clips.

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