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Moroccan Govt. Grants Scholarships to 100,000 Vocational Trainees

OFPPT scholarships

Rabat – Morocco’s government adopted on Thursday an act that would provide scholarships to 100,000 trainees in the National Office for Vocational Training and Promotion (OFPPT).

The 2.17.673 aims to complete the implementation of bill 2.17.408, which was issued on August 4 in order to determine the conditions for the disbursement of scholarships for some trainees in OFPPT centers.

The bill will devote an annual sum of MAD 6,334 each to student living in rural areas attending OFPPT centers across Morocco. This amount will be only given to the trainees, whose parents live in rural areas.

MAD 3,167 scholarship will be granted for students who live in cities where the OFPPT center is located.

According to criteria related to social merit, the granting of these scholarships would be made over three periods: October, February, and May. Students will be granted MAD 1,900 during the first two periods and MAD 2,533 the third term

Former Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane had previously presented the measure before the parliament. His suggestion, however, did not obtain the approval of his former government coalition, reported Moroccan daily Al Massae.

The plan was then re-proposed by the now-sacked Minister of Education, Mohamed Hassad on July 20. The former minister said that the government council approved a draft decree setting the conditions for granting a scholarship to trainees enrolled in the public centers of the OFPPT.

The conditions for granting this scholarship are based on the same criteria as those for the scholarships granted to students in public universities.

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