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Morocco Urges UN to Intervene on Polisario’s Illegal Presence in Guerguerat

Polisario Blocks Moroccan Football Fans from Crossing Mauritanian-Moroccan Border

Rabat – Morocco on Friday, January 5 wrote to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, urging him to intervene on Polisario’s illegal armed operations in the restricted buffer strip of Guerguerat.

The letter has came in response to the continuous provocative actions carried out by the Polisario Front in the region.

On Thursday, a trucker crossing the Moroccan-Mauritanian border told Moroccan magazine Telquel that armed forces of the separatist group stopped several trucks registered in Morocco to search them. Truck drivers have also been deprived of their mobile phones during illegal checkpoints carried out by armed elements of the Polisario Front.

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Moroccan diplomats told the magazine that Polisario’s operations were denounced and reported by Morocco in a letter sent to the United Nations. “They are violating the ceasefire agreement and UN resolutions,” said the unidentified Moroccan diplomat. He added that MINURSO has already asked the Polisario elements to leave the Guerguerat.

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Earlier this week, the front stopped a race vehicle of two participants in a rally competition, blocking the borders that link the disputed territory to the Mauritanian borders.

The armed elements of the Polisario checked the identity of the drivers before ordering them to leave the premises. Over 100 participants in the “Africa Eco Race” rally hit the road on December 31 from Monaco. The participants have to drive through the Moroccan-Mauritanian border at the Guerguerat border crossing on January 8 to reach Dakar on January 14.

Social  media accounts, which have separatist motives, called for a boycott of the rally. The rally  uses communication means, including a map that is consistent with Morocco’s territorial integrity, added Telquel.

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