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‘Accepting Negotiations with Polisario Would be a Political Error,’ Analyst Warns

No Indirect Talks Were Held Between Morocco and UNSG Envoy in Berlin: Official
The UN Secretary-General'personnel envoy for the Western, Horst Köhler

Rabat – After the UN Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara Horst Kohler sent invitations to the Polisario and Morocco calling for “bilateral discussions,” Moroccan political analyst Reda El Fellah cautioned that the exchange comes at an “inconvenient time, and Morocco should deal with it very cautiously.”

“The provocative actions and military maneuvers carried out by the Polisario front with the recent support of Algeria near Guerguerat confirms the lack of the willingness to reach a just and mutually acceptable solution,” El Fellah stated. He  added that the launch of negotiations is irrelevant.

Slamming the Polisario and their separatist ideologies, El Fellah said that “What is most important is that the separatist front needs to be rational and should annul its demand for complete independence from its agenda.”

For El Fellah, Morocco cannot accept Kohler’s invitation to negotiate with Polisario at this time. “At the level of the international community, this [move] would give the impression that Morocco knuckles under the Separatist group’s recent maneuvers in Gurgarate.”

The political analyst added that if Morocco sits at the same table with the separatist front, which has been claiming independent statehood, it would be a “diplomatic and political error, because it will give the separatist group the legitimacy they cannot afford and will enrich their hope to get regional and international support.”

El Fellah, who is also a university professor in Agadir, told MWN that “the process of negotiations could not be successful without a powerful meditation, adding,“The UN mediation alone is not enough knowing the lack of real pressure on Polisario and Algeria to look for compromise and [a] win-win agreement.”

On Tuesday, the spokesman for the United Nations Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, confirmed that UNSG Personal Envoy Horst Kohler sent invitations to Morocco and Polisario to hold “bilateral discussions” regarding the Western Sahara conflict.

The Moroccan government has not issued any statement about whether it would attend the negotiations.

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