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Benatiq Calls on Moroccans in Germany to Join Development Project Initiated by King Mohammed VI

Rabat- Abdelkarim Benatiq, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and head  of Moroccans Residing Abroad and Migration Affairs, recently held a meeting with more than 300 members of the Moroccan community living in Germany, calling them to join and contribute effectively to the development project initiated by King Mohammed VI.

“We can not conceive the future of Morocco without the contribution of Moroccan skills and energies established abroad,” Benatiq said during two consecutive meetings with the Moroccan community living in Germany, held respectively in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf on Saturday and Sunday.  

During these meetings, attended by the Moroccan consul in Frankfurt, Mohamed Achkalou, and in Dusseldorf, Jamal Chaibi, the minister stressed that investment in human capital must be part of Morocco’s future development project, which requires, now more than ever,skills that have developed in a major economic power like Germany, with  special attention assigned first generation immigrants, given “their tireless efforts and sacrifices made in various stages.”

The minister delegate also called on civil society actors working for the MRE to advocate with local officials and elected officials, in order to integrate the teaching of Arabic language into the formal education system of their country of residence.

The meeting was attended by the heads of departments and institutions concerned with the affairs of Moroccans residing abroad, including the dean of the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture, representatives of the Moroccan Embassy in Germany, the director of the National Agency for Land Conservation, Cadastre and Cartography, the director of Studies, Communication and Development at the CNSS, and representatives of the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes of the General Confederation Entreprises of Morocco (CGEM) and the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG).

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