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World Cup 2018: Atlas Lions Will Play Spain in White Kits

We are just an hour away from Morocco’s first game in Russia 2018 World. Playing against Iran

Rabat– Morocco’s Lions will play against Spain on June 25 wearing the Adidas white kits that were strongly criticized online for being “ugly” before the World Cup tournament.

The Atlas Lions wore the new red-green Adidas kits to their opening match with Iran and their second one with Portugal, after which they were eliminated for not scoring a goal against either teams during the World Cup group stage, losing both games.

The national team has decided to exit the tournament wearing the first version of their Adidas kits, white kits with red and green accents, representing the Moroccan flag and the symbol of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF).

Many Moroccans were unimpressed with the previous Adidas design and took to social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to express disappointment and mockery, describing the kit as “ugly” and pajama-like.

Adidas to Unveil New Design for Morocco’s 2018 World Cup Kits in May

Some of them even pondered boycotting Adidas, drawing from the Moroccan-made product boycott in protest of the high prices of Sidi Ali (bottled water), Afriquia (gasoline), and Centrale Danone (dairy products).

Much to the Moroccans’ disappointment, Adidas had delayed official release of the design until April 27.

“So this is the design they spent like forever to come up with?” wrote one commenter on an MWN article.

“UGLY .. they took forever to release it and the result is this !!! such a disappointment,” another one commented.

As a response to Moroccans’ distaste, Adidas had decided to make a new design that would appeal to the Moroccan public. Still, the new design also received a small share of criticism.

This is for the kingdom of Polska not Morocco!” an MWN follower said on Facebook.

“I like the first one more. I like simple it’s about how they will play and not what they will wear,” another one argued.

The national team’s performance during the two first matches has made Moroccans proud and has been internationally recognized and described as “commendable” and “outstanding,” albeit their 0-1 loss to both Iran and Portugal teams.

Morocco will play Spain on June 25, their final and expectantly unforgettable World Cup 2018 game.

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