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Lebanese Diva Elissa Opens up about Cancer Fight in New Song

This song will probably make you shed a tear.

Rabat – Lebanese singer Elissa released a very emotional song Tuesday, August 7.

“Illa Kol Elli Bihebbouni,” (For Those Who Love Me) trending number 9 on Youtube, is a very personal track for the 45-year-old diva.

For the first time, Elissa has chosen to share about her fight against cancer. The Arabic singer tried to keep her illness a secret from her fans, not letting her treatment affect her career.

This music video shouldn’t make you cry. It’s a reason to smile, be happy, and grateful. We can fight cancer if we know about it in eary (sic) stages. I love you all,” she wrote on her social media pages.

In the music video, viewed more than 8 million times, the public discovers that the young woman was diagnosed on December 26, 2017, with breast cancer that she has now successfully defeated.

Throughout the song, Elissa recounts her experience with the disease and her moments of weakness, including fainting at a concert in Dubai.

“I am cured, I resisted the disease and beat her. Early detection of the disease can save your life. Do not neglect it and face it. Do not do it for yourself but for all those who love you,” said Elissa at the end of her clip.

Following the song’s release, the diva received a wave of support and love from her celebrity friends and fans on social media. The hashtag #Elissa is also trending in both Arabic and English on Twitter.


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