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Removal of Water Secretariat Destabilizes PPS-PJD Partnership

Water Dept. Dissolution: Morocco’s PPS, PJD Hold ‘Friendly’ Meeting

Rabat- Increasing tension between the PPS and PJD parties after the sudden dissolution of the Secretariat of State in Charge of Water has led to an emergency meeting.

The secretary-general of the Progress and Socialism Party (PPS), Nabil Benabdellah, was not pleased with the sacking of the secretariat of water without being informed beforehand. He criticized Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani for the action.

El Othmani, the chairman of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), had recommended that King Mohammed VI remove the secretariat headed by PPS member Charafat Afilal.

The decision was allegedly taken to improve the management of water-related projects in the kingdom, according to a communique from the Royal Palace released on August 20.

On Monday afternoon, in the presence of the human rights minister, Mustapha Ramid, the two ruling parties met to discuss the move and find a mutual solution to the rising conflict.

Benabdellah told Moroccan news outlet Le 360 in a statement: “The meeting with El Othmani lasted for more than an hour. [PJD] was direct and we also expressed our stand in the recent shifts affecting the partnership” between PJD and PPS.

PPS, which enjoyed excellent terms with PJD during the previous Abdelilah Benkirane government, will soon reveal its decision on the issue, in line with the meeting.

The socialist PPS and the moderate Islamist PJD have been in a ruling coalition since 2011, following Morocco’s constitutional reforms when PJD won the majority of votes in the parliament.

The removal of Charafat Afilal and her department was another surprise move after the sacking of the minister of economy and finance, Mohamed Boussaid, of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) party.

The King appointed Mohamed Benchaaboun, another RNI member, to replace Boussaid, at the proposal of El Othmani.

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