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Oualid El Meriague

Oualid El Meriague
Oualid El Meriague is currently an undergraduate communication student at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI). He is also a student ambassador of Al Akhawayn University / representative of Al Akhawayn University in international and national forums.

Symposium Discusses Jewish Heritage in Marrakech

Symposium Discusses Jewish Heritage in Marrakech
Marrakech - Prominent Jewish Moroccan community leaders and academics gathered on Sunday at the Synagogue Slat Lazama in Marrakech to discuss the city's mellah...

Moroccan NGO Brings Muslims & Jews Together Around a Ramadan Iftar

Rabat - Celebrating Ramadan, the Mimouna Association in collaboration with Lubavitch Youth-Morocco held a Ramadan iftar and distributed food commodities to some 250 underprivileged...

Why I Support Nabil Ayouch’s ‘Much Loved’ Film

Much Loved
Rabat - Rather than focusing on the issue of prostitution and sexual tourism that the movie "Much Loved (Zine li Fik)" raises, many Moroccans...

Mustapha El Khalfi’s Missed Opportunity to Communicate on Europe 1

Minister Mustapha El Khalfi on Europe 1
Ifrane - French radio station Europe 1 published a video interview on Thursday of Mustapha El Khalfi, the Moroccan Minister of Communications and spokesman...

The Leadership Development Institute of Al Akhawayn University

The Leadership Development Institute of Al Akhawayn University
Ifrane, Morocco - “In my first semester teaching the leadership class in spring 2008, I was talking about my experience of teaching leadership in...

Al Akhawayn University’s Condom Advertising Video: Between Creativity & Criticism

Al Akhawayn University: 34% of Students Receive Financial Aid
Ifrane - Last Wednesday, the Minister of Communication and government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi, asked the National Radio and Television Company to take legal...

Moroccan Jewish Days: 3 day-caravan to celebrate the Judeo-Moroccan heritage

Ifrane - Since its creation, the Mimouna club of Al Akhawayn University has organized promotional trips, conferences, and talks, in addition to annual “Jewish days” that...

The Role of ICT in the Tourism Industry

Ifran, Morocco - Responsible for 10% of the global gross domestic product (GDP) and for 8.7% of the world’s jobs, tourism is today considered an...