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Domestic violence affects over 80% of Moroccan women- Report

Rabat, June 30, 2012 (MAP)

Around 82% of Moroccan women are affected by domestic violence, said a report of the national hearing center for women victims of domestic violence (ANARUZ).

The report, which was presented on Friday in Rabat, shows that the majority of declared cases are linked to domestic violence.

The document indicated that domestic violence accounted for the majority of cases, while economic, sexual and legal violence affected 35%, 13% and 9% respectively.

The report shows that 50% of women who suffered violence are single.

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  • Ed Talby

    If we exclude French Moroccans and Jewish Moroccans, the 18% that presumably don’t beat up their wives, 82% makes every single Arab, Amazigh, Sahrawi and Moorish Moroccan an ignorant male chauvinist. The figure is way too high that the numbers may be transposed. Perhaps, the Morocco Press Agency (MAP) reporter is dyslexic. LOL

  • amel sincere

    Please french maroccans don’t live in maroco !!! Idiot

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