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‘Boom Boom’ Wouldn’t Exist without Morocco’s National Tourism Office: Director General

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Rabat – As RedOne’s new single “Boom Boom” reaches almost 40 million YouTube views since its release on October 26, Abderrafie Zouitten, the Director General of Morocco’s National Tourist Office, (ONMT) has said that the music video “would have never seen the light without the financial contribution of ONMT.”

The video for “Boom Boom,” which was produced by Moroccan-Swedish hit-maker Nadir Khayat, better known as RedOne, takes the viewer on a tour of the Kingdom of Morocco, from the desert to the northern city of Tetouan.

In an interview with Moroccan news outlet Media 24, Zouiten said the production of the video would not have been possible without the financing from the ONMT.

“Aside from the laudable artistic work made by RedOne, the aim of this musical journey is clearly to participate in the development of Moroccan tourism in international markets,” said the director general.

“The office was very happy to make its financial contribution in the service of the producer in order to market Morocco’s tourist assets.”

Zouitten said he was happy with the song’s success. “It seems that we made a good choice” to fund the video, he explained.

While Zouitten refused to reveal the exact amount of funding they provided, he stressed that the music video will help to establish Morocco as the “best” destination for American visitors by showcasing its cultural and geographic diversity.

The tune gathered together a number of world-famous artists besides RedOne: Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee, Moroccan-American rapper French Montana, and American singer Dinah Jane.

Other celebrities, like American Vine and YouTube star Amanda Cerny and Moroccan stylist and Guess model Abla Essofi added their personalities to the mix.

In late April, ONMT announced its plan to promote tourism in Morocco through social media by partnering with famous personalities and internet influencers. To kick off this initiative, ONMT decided to collaborate with RedOne to benefit from his international fame and attract foreign visitors to Morocco.

Among the visitors who clearly enjoyed the trip in Morocco is Cerny, who did not miss a moment to post about her journey on social media in April.

The Vine star wrote on an Instagram post taken during her stay in Marrakech, “every culture I travel to and culture that I experience becomes a part of my DNA.”

I swear that every country I travel to and culture that I experience becomes a part of my DNA . Officially #Morrocan ????

Une publication partagée par Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) le

Cerny concluded by saying that she has become “officially Moroccan” after visiting the country.

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