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Ta’ziya Theatre from a Constructive Approach

Rabat - Ta’ziya  is a performing tradition out of many that were celebrated in the East before the appropriation of the Western model. Ta’ziya is a formulaic space resurrecting the historical memory of the martyrdom of Hussein –grandson of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)—, his family and his companions who had refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid. I would like to maintain that this performing tradition is inco ...

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Crossing Borders in Diwan Sidi Abderahman Almejdoub: A Theatre Within a Theatre

By  Abdeladim Hinda Kenitra - Quiet hamlets in the Arif mountain valleys, spacious pastures on the slopes, lakes and dams here and there upheld in the chalice of the hills, fields green or yellow verging toward the blue Northern Mediterranean Sea and the Western Atlantic Ocean, villages and towns drowsy under the noon sun of July and then alive with passion cities in which, amid dust and dirt, everything fr ...

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The Moroccan Linguistic Situation

Rabat - The linguistic situation in Morocco is characterized by complexity. The presence of different local and foreign languages leaves room for diversity and creates many sociolinguistic issues. The languages used in Morocco are Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Amazigh, French, and Spanish (as well as English, which has recently started to gain significance). The presence and int ...

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The Future of English in Multilingual Morocco

Fez- Recently, relatively subtle or, rather, unpublicized debate has arisen among educators and politicians over the importance of English as a global language in the Moroccan linguistic market. Some political and business figures have voiced that it is high time the English language replaced, or at least rivaled, French in its supremacy in the educational and economic spheres of Morocco. Regardless of the ...

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The Tripolitan War through the 2011-U.S. Intervention in Libya

By Othman Ouaarab Casablanca - As the end of the eighteenth century approached, the region of North Africa, known as the Barbary States at that time, was undergoing many changes. The key word that is associated with this period is piracy. The term Barbary was derived from the Berber-speaking people who originally inhabited the region. The Barbary States refer to president-day Morocco, Algiers, Tunisia (then ...

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Teacher of the Future: Challenges of Self-Development and Stakes in Academic Knowledge

Rabat - Undoubtedly, the teacher plays a fundamental and central role in the life of the child and in the future of the Ummah [community] in general. The teacher provides him or her with science, knowledge, morals, behaviour, belief and ambition, as they spend almost eight hours a day together full of activity, vitality, and vigour. These hours are longer than those the child spends with his parents and rel ...

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Gender inequality and the recent reforms of Moudawana in Morocco

Fez - After many years of struggle by women’s organizations, the situation of women in Morocco has improved, thanks to the adoption of several reforms. During the last two decades, Moroccan women have been calling for equal rights between men and women. Their efforts have given birth to many triumphs and contributed to the improvement of the status of women in Morocco. Theoretically, Morocco has some of the ...

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The Five Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

Tinejdad, Morocco - Growing professionally as a highly effective teacher is not that easy. It is a matter of struggle, patience, and commitment to improve one’s potentials and capacities. When young teachers embark on teaching, they usually feel excited and internally motivated. Yet, as time passes, those boiling feelings of passion and fondness start getting colder and colder, dragging down a large communi ...

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Cultural Clash: The Islam-West Conflict (Part I)

Casablanca- Between the West and Islam there has been a history of tension and enmity that  dates back to the emergence of the first Arab, Muslim political state under the leadership of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). There have been continuous wars to gain, maintain, and regain power that culminated in the colonial occupation of the entire Arab and Muslim world. In parallel to the military confro ...

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Teaching-Learning Culture: between Past and Present

By Azize Kour Sale, Morocco - Culture teaching has been known by different names in various places (Byram,1994,cited in Thai TESOL Bulletin, vol 11 N°1 Feb 1998). ‘Landeskunde’, in German literally means ‘knowledge of the country’, merely centres on teaching of facts that vindicate that it is teaching of ‘civilization’ not ‘culture’. In the 1950s-60s there was an emphasis on teaching geography and history a ...

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The Role of ICT in the Tourism Industry

Ifran, Morocco - Responsible for 10% of the global gross domestic product (GDP) and for 8.7% of the world’s jobs, tourism is today considered an important economic booster and the world’s largest economic activity. Moreover, a strong tourism industry can be viewed as a sign of a country’s social development, evolution, and progression. Furthermore, because of the impact of globalization, more people are now ...

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Urgent solutions for urgent needs in the Muslim World

Rabat Preserving and strengthening identity The impact of the globalization process, which has brought unprecedented changes in societies and accelerated the pace of scientific and technological development, has caught human beings unprepared, and there is still a number of issues at the macro and micro levels which need to be examined with great care to protect the ethical and human values as well as the u ...

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