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Morocco Reveals Winter-Weather Aid Plan

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By Neaman Lerhmari

Rabat – In a government meeting Thursday, Saad Eddine El Othmani, the head of the Moroccan government, promised food aid to 26,000 families living in remote and enclosed areas currently suffering a severe cold wave.

El Othmani also stated that homeless people, who numbered at 7,226 in 2014 according to the High Commission for Planning, will be provided with shelters. The head of government did not provide further information about the solution.

The areas concerned by the food aid are those who  suffer from adverse weather and poor road infrastructure. Twenty-six commissions will be deployed to supervise the support operation, which involves snow removal, among other actions.

As remote areas often have weak network coverage due to a lack of telecommunication infrastructure, El Othmani promised that the National Agency For Telecommunication Regulation will engage further efforts, specifically satellites, to help the rural population stay connected with the rest of Morocco and the world.

Such efforts stem out of the Ministry of Interior’s large scale anti-cold mobilization, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Equipment and Logistics, the Water Ministry, the Health Ministry, and the Royal Gendarmerie, as per the Ministry of Interior’s press release.


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